Understanding Your Why: How Passionate Work Changes Everything!

Understanding Your Why: How Passionate Work Changes Everything!

Understanding Your Why: How Passionate Work Changes Everything!

Understanding Your WhySimon Sinek is considered one of the pre-eminent thinkers on passionate work around the world.  He has a simple goal, and that is

“To help build a world in which the vast majority of people go home everyday feeling fulfilled by their work”.

This passionate work concept and understanding your why is the central principle that literally changes everything. Whether it’s building a business, leading a movement or connecting with a loved one.  Before you get started with an online business, whether it be Empower Network or any other opportunity, taking some time out to discover your ‘why’ is absolutely vital.  Once you discover your core motivation, it will breathe life into your goals, dreams and ambitions.

Here are some highlights from Simon Sinek’s interview and his ‘understanding your why’ concepts:

  • 2:25 – the single most powerful business principle.  People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.
  • 4:19 – Why Simon does what he does & why 90% of people don’t like their work
  • 5:05 – How passionate work (or lack thereof) affects the raising of children
  • 6:32 – The massive benefits of ‘understanding your why’ before you start anything
  • 7:06 – Why so few people and businesses start with ‘Why’
  • 9:16 – How to blow your own business up before someone else does
  • 10:42 – Prioritizing vision over profit & how the right ‘Why’ can exponentially increase the bottom line
  • 11:48 – The process for identifying your ‘ Why’
  • 13:15 – The difference between Passion and Why
  • 15:05 – Can your ‘Why’ change over time?
  • 16:20 – Simon explains Richard Branson’s, Steve Jobs’ and Bill Gates’ ‘Why’s’
  • 17:20 – Using modern technology to communicate your ‘Why’
  • 18:47 – Why Simon agreed to do this interview totally for free ;)
  • 19:25 – How to get others to believe in your ‘Why’
  • 20:25 – The fate of a company which puts profit over ‘Why’
  • 22:15 – A look at Navy Seals training and why the most unsuspecting trainees succeed (and why shoo-ins fail)
  • 23:40 – Why the standard business reward and bonus program is completely backwards
  • 24:10 – When inheriting a team, how do you get them to align with you on the same ‘Why’
  • 25:25 – How to turn people into leaders & how  to create loyalty.

Before getting into the “Hows“ of getting your online business going, it is vitally important that you know what what is motivating and driving you..… what is it that will keep you in the game, persevering with the innate knowledge that you won’t fail.

What are you willing to persist and fight for?

If you truly want to set your inner drive alight, understanding your why and getting beyond the motivation of monetary and material goals is vital. Until you have absolute clarity on your desire and motivation it will be almost impossible to get on the path to a successful life.

So Write down your passion and what motivates you, and post it in a prominent place where you can see it every day.