WordPress Tips For Beginners: The Top Ten WordPress Benefits

WordPress Tips For Beginners: The Top Ten WordPress Benefits

Wordpress Blogging PlatformWordPress is my favourite blogging platform. As you’ve probably guessed from some of my other posts, I love WordPress and think it rocks! WordPress is such a terrific tool to drive traffic to your small business website. The Empower Network Blogging System uses WordPress, which is one of the main reasons it is so easy to use, especially for non-technical people.

In addition to many other advantages, a WordPress site doesn’t have to look like a blog, and it allows you to manage your content and update your website without any effort. I recently decided to put together a list of the main benefits WordPress has to offer.

Here is my list of top ten WordPress benefits:

1. Easily add content to your website:

Adding content to your WordPress site is as easy as logging in, writing a post, creating a keyword-rich title and clicking the “publish” button.

WordPress also has a “WYSIWYG” editor (what you see is what you get) which makes it very similar to writing and editing a ‘Word’ document.

Actions such as including keywords in your page title, adding H1 and H2 tags, making keywords bold and adding web-links are simple one-click functions. This makes optimising your content for SEO very simple and easy to achieve.

2. WordPress is Open Source software:

Open Source means there is no cost, and the blogging platform is free to download from WordPress.org. For those who want to host your own WordPress blog and have your own domain name, make sure you download from WordPress.org. (Don’t start blogging via WordPress.com, as you will be unable to use own your own domain name).

WordPress also has an extremely pro-active support community with an wide circle of smart, innovative developers always working on improvements for WordPress.

3. RSS Feeds:

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and WordPress comes with one already built-in. This means that the WordPress posts that you publish get syndicated to other feed directories, and your content can go to a feed directory with a back-link to your site.

RSS Feeds also allow your visitors to subscribe to your feed and be alerted immediately your posts are published. This makes the WordPress RSS Feed a very powerful SEO tool indeed.

4. Customisable Permalinks:

A Permalink is the URL which is generated for your post, and can be customised in WordPress. For instance, if your blog is called “Blog” on yourwebsite.com, the URL for this post you are reading would be yourwebsite.com/blog/wordpress-tips-for-beginners-top-ten-wordpress-benefits. As this is a very long URL, you can see it has been shorted to yourwebsite.com/blog/ten-wordpress-benefits.

This way you can include your best keywords in the permalinks for posts and pages. Then when Google sees those keywords in your URL you can hopefully get your post ranked for those keywords.

5. WordPress is Do-It-Yourself and Multi-User:

WordPress is extremely easy to maintain and is truly “do-it-yourself”. Posts, pages, updates and amendments can be made quickly with a minimum of technical knowledge. There is no longer any need to wait on programmers and developers to fit your work in, saving you both time and money.

WordPress also offers multiple users and online access – updates can therefore be made anywhere in the world by any designated admin user. This also means your WordPress site is being backed up on a secure server with multiple redundancies.

6. Clean website code:

WordPress typically comes with clean code. The exception to this can be some of the WP Themes which are free to download. Some free themes come with hidden links in the code, which could be inappropriate for your business and Google’s ranking algorithms.

Therefore if you want nice clean, trouble-free code, it is definitely well worth your while buying a premium WordPress theme for somewhere round $50-$100. This site is built using the Optimize Press theme, which I highly recommend. Many internet marketers use Optimize Press to effortlessly built sites and pages that look good and increase sales.

7. WordPress Plugins:

WordPress plug-ins are small pieces of add-on software which add functionality to your site. Plugins are one of the best benefits of using WordPress. Until the advent of WordPress you would require a programmer or developer to create functions that were not native to the platform.

You can find WordPress plugins by searching online, reading reviews and comparing the features of potential plug-ins that suit the function you want.

8. Easy to create SEO friendly website architecture:

It is a simple matter to create pages and posts in WordPress, then categorize them using categories and tags.

With careful planning, it is an easy matter to map out an efficient architecture for your site with WordPress. It is also a simple matter to interlink pages and posts with anchor text and keywords, which greatly improves the SEO of your site.

Images can be easily optimised for the search engines. As you know, Google is not able to read images. By adding an image title and alt text you have another method of adding your keywords which also helps Google identify the image.

9. Auto Pinging:

WordPress has a native function which automatically pings search engines, blog directories and RSS feed sites.

Pinging is basically a ‘ping’ to the search engines which says, “Brand new content, come read, index and put it on the internet”. With auto-pinging, each new post pings various search engines and directories like Google, inviting them to visit your site and crawl your new content.

10. WordPress Comments System:

The comments system in WordPress is one of WordPress’ best features. Visitors can interact with your site by adding comments, therefore writing a blog post is really two way communication.

Typically those comments come with good keywords, which also help with search engine rankings. Over time the comments mount up, adding even more content to your post.

WordPress is great! You’ve probably worked out I’m a real WordPress fan, and that’s why I’m delighted our Empower Network Blogging System uses WordPress. I believe, like many other online business owners, that WordPress is way ahead of any other website platform.

There are probably many more reasons to use WordPress, but this list of the top ten WordPress benefits should do for starters!

There will be more posts in this series of Tips for WordPress Beginners, so don’t forget to watch out. If you are new to the Empower Network System, or are thinking about joining our HogesWeb Empower Network team, we’d love to welcome you aboard!

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