Here are just a few of the inspirational authors and teachers that have had a profound and positive effect on many lives that I know about, including my own:



Thick Face, Black Heart – Ching-Ning Chu This best-selling book is about thriving and succeeding in everyday life & work using the ancient wisdom of the East. Chu writes that…“Thick Face Black Heart is the wisdom of the soul.  Being true to the law of nature in our daily encounters fulfils the highest potential within and around us”. This book is an inspiration, a true “companion” book you can refer to again and again in your daily life.



The Power of Now

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle This book is my ‘bible’ – I return to it again and again.  Eckhart Tolle’s message is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment. This message may not seem stunningly original or fresh, but Tolle’s clear writing, and ability to explain complicated concepts in concrete language make this an indispensable library addition.  Readers can quickly become more conscious of how thoughts and emotions get in the way of being able to live in genuine peace and happiness.  You can also buy “Practicing The Power of Now” which is a practical book outlining methods for putting the techniques into practice.


Awaken The Giant Within

Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins Anthony Robbins is a world renowned leader in the science of peak performance.  In this work, Robbins shows the most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances and your life.  This is a book you can pick up and open at any chapter and apply the techniques to your every day life – an absolute must for your library.!



Looking Out For Number One


Looking Out For No. 1 – Robert J. Ringer An oldie but a goodie! This book has been around for nearly 30 years, but its message is just as relevant today.  Ringers main message is that we have to take care of ourselves before we can be of much use to anyone else.  It is down to earth, devoid of sugar coating, and challenges the theory that we all have to be nice all the time!  The chapter on building a strong, solid financial life is particularly good.



The Trick To Money Is Having Some

The Trick To Money Is Having Some – Stuart Wilde Stuart Wilde is considered by many to be the greatest living metaphysician in the world today. He writes that money is merely a form of energy, and that the difference between having it and not having it is simply a small but subtle shift in consciousness.  The book is chock full of useful information and practical ideas.  Wilde’s breezy and hilarious style makes for effortless reading as you plot your path to financial freedom!

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