How To Write Blog Posts At The Speed of Light!

How To Write Blog Posts At The Speed of Light!

How To Write Blog Posts At the Speed of LightFor many people (including me!), writing blog posts can be a real pain. The main issue for me has always been that it takes too long! I quite enjoy writing and coming up with interesting topics, but would much prefer to get a blog post done and dusted in a few minutes.

Dave Wood is a great mentor of mine and co-founder of Empower Network – now there’s a guy who can write amazing blog posts.  He has a terrific article on his blog which outlines some great tips on how to write blog posts really quickly (“At the speed of light” was just a slight exaggeration of mine!)

1. Keep A List

90% of good writers, inventors and bloggers would probably tell you it is quite hard to come up with more than 10 great ideas if put on the spot.

One good technique is to try subconsciously thinking about blog post ideas in the back of your head while you’re out and about, or doing something else.  Many of my own ideas come to me when I’m away from my computer. I could be in bed, out for a run or having a meal.  It’s a good idea to jot down these inspirational ideas as soon as they come to you.  If you don’t, they can slip away and all you remember is that you HAD a good idea, but can’t for the life of you remember it!

2. Check Out Related Articles (5-10 minutes)

Unless you’re a real expert on your topic, it’s imperative to read a few similar articles and blog posts. If you are keen to write a post on social media, but don’t know much about it, you can’t fake your way through an entire blog post – you’ll always get caught out – and that’s for sure!

Spending 5-10 minutes scanning through a few related articles will provide you with plenty of ideas and some bullet points to start with.

3. Plan Before You Start Writing

It is a good idea to plan your entire post before you start writing.  For example, your plan for writing this blog post could look something like this:

  • Title: How To Write Blog Posts At The Speed of Light!
  • Intro: Talk about how difficult writing blog posts are and how I never used to write them because they consumed too much of my time.
  • Keep A List
  • Checkout Other Articles
  • Plan
  • Close Distractions
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Publish

That’s about all there is to a blog post plan. If you ‘re writing about an unfamiliar topic, you can expand on the bullet points.

4. Get Rid Of Distractions

This one is not always easy.  If you live  in a house where there’s usually a lot going on – it’s hard to avoid distractions all together, but you need to find a way. You’ll feel simply great once you’ve knocked out a high quality post in 20 minutes or so. Things to do are closing out email, Skype, Facebook and any other websites that have nothing to do with the post. Also make sure the TV and other offline distractions are shut down too.

5. Just Write!

Once you’ve handled steps 1-4, you can begin writing. All that’s needed is to expand on your plan.  If you’ve done enough research and  read enough information on your topic, you should be able to write easily. This is where you can get really be fun, cool, interesting and creative. Most importantly – don’t read back any sentences you write unless you completely forgot what they were – let it flow and no changing your mind!

6. Edit Errors and Final Touches

This is a step that is often missed – but once complete,  you absolutely must read your post from start to finish, correcting each and every error you find. Once at the bottom, you can make  final touches like adding a few images and videos.

7. Click Publish

This is Dave’s  simple 7 step process for pumping out high quality material and how to write blog posts in under 30 minutes. I’ve been using a similar regime and can now get a post done in around 20 minutes, provided all the preparation is done.  For serious bloggers, this technique is absolutely invaluable!

In Prosperity,

Jean Littman

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