Learning How To Get Found On the Internet: Is SEO Optimization is The Way To Go?

Learning How To Get Found On The Internet: Is SEO Optimization Is The Way To Go?

How To Get Found On The InternetWondering why you’ve had no visitors to your website? If you are struggling with generating traffic, learning how to get found on the internet is one of most important lessons you can master. The real truth is, that no matter how beautiful, groovy and right on your site is, if you don’t attract visitors and people can’t find you, you’re dead in the water before you start!

I certainly wish I had learned a few skills on generating traffic when we first started with online marketing.  After spending countless hours building websites and blogs which were absolute “masterpieces” (or so I thought :)), it was very disappointing to see the small numbers of visitors who found our sites.

Learning How To Get Found On The Internet

The art of generating internet traffic is always changing and evolving, and there are many strategies to consider. These include but are not limited to social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and offline advertising.

Internet marketing professionals generally agree that the quality of traffic is higher from organic search engine sources. This means that optimizing your content, articles and blog posts for high search engine rankings is a proven method of slowly and surely improving search engine rankings and enhancing the ability to attract quality traffic to your site.

SEO professionals generally agree that there are 3 elements governing how to get found on the internet:

1. Use SEO Optimisation On Your Articles and Blog Posts:   SEO optimization techniques include doing some keyword research to find good keywords for your articles. They need to be used in the appropriate density in the body of your content. Keywords should also be entered into the meta fields (meta title, meta keywords, meta description).

Other techniques include alt tags for images, keywords in anchor text and the h1, h2 and h3 headings. Attending to all these SEO aspects will help to prevent your site being flagged and blocked by Google and other search engines.

2. Post Quality Content To Your Site Regularly:   Search engines really like websites and blogs that are updated regularly! Blogs are looked on very favourably by search engines, so creating new blog posts with original content that is SEO optimised is particularly important.

3. Implement an Ongoing Link Building Strategy:   Put together a program which uses various methods of link building, ultimately creating thousands of incoming links to your site. When search engines see many “quality” incoming links to your site, their algorithms assume that your site must be a valuable, authority site as well, and improve your search engine rankings accordingly. SEO professionals typically see link building as the most important step to being found on the internet, yet it is often the hardest to accomplish because of the time and effort involved.

So you may be wondering if there’s a magic system which automates the skill of how to get found on the internet. Guess what, there’s not! There is definitely no overnight, quick fix method of landing a site on Googles’ page one. However, consistency and diligence with your marketing efforts utilizing the techniques mentioned above will see you gradually move up in the search engine rankings, and bring with it a natural, organic increase in visitors.

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