Daily Action Plan – A Blogging Checklist Is Imperative!

Daily Action Plan – My Indispensable Blogging Checklist!

Daily Action PlanAre you in the habit of setting a daily action plan? Does weekly goal setting  sound a bit daunting? Chances are you are already doing this and you don’t realise  it!

If you’ve ever put a shopping list together, jotted down a list of school-kids items, or planned menu items for a dinner party – you have written out an action plan.

Blogging action Plan

When I first began blogging some years ago, I was busy holding downa full time job. Blogging was always done after hours, and I often found myself getting sidetracked and muddled about what I’d already done and what was left on the list.

As an accountant and systems specialist, I was continually creating forms, systems and checklists for clients, so it seemed a natural progression to create a checklist for my blogging activities. Since then my beloved Blogging Checklist has become an indispensable part of my daily activities. There are now several different versions, depending on the project or blogging system currently in progress.

Now I can easily handle several different things at a time knowing with confidence that I can pick up blogging where I left off and nothing will be left out. Even in a super busy period where I can’t blog every day, at least the consistency will remain and everything will get done.

Maintaining consistency with marketing is such an important part of succeeding online. When marketing activities are check-listed in detail, you do a lot of disciplined creative thinking once, write it down on your master checklist, and then know every day what steps to take to remain on track.

Making progress is easier due to that clear headed feeling and the certainty about where you are headed. Because you know what to do, you can move along without having to continually wonder, “Where am I up to, What’s next?”

What to Include On Your Daily Action Plan and Blogging Checklist

I usually start up a spreadsheet or word processing table with one wide column to the left for the blogging “Activity”. The rest of the columns are narrower – one for the frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly etc) and the other columns wide enough to take  a double row of 3-4 ticks.

I then pre-fill the “Activity” column with the important blogging activities which need doing on a consistent, regular basis. This usually includes things like:

  • writing blog posts
  • seo optimise the post article
  • syndicating the post (pingler, social monkee, google+, facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest etc)
  • emailing the article to subscriber lists
  • marketing the post to article directories
  • specific assignments from blogging training programs such as Empower Network, EZ Money Method, etc.
  • daily blog backup

At the top of each column I enter the “week-ending” date (one column for each week). Once a task is completed, I simply place a tick beside the activity in the “week-ending” column. By the end of each week, my aim is to have 5-7 ticks beside each activity.

I am certain you will gain great benefit from the inclusion of a blogging checklist with your daily action plan. If you want consistency and results from your blogging activities, get a blogging checklist going today. If you would like a copy of mine, just send an email and I’ll shoot my blogging checklist over right away.

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