Tips for WordPress Beginners!

The potential is endless with the WordPress platform, it can be tailored for any purpose.  Whether your WordPress site is set up as a simple blog or complex website, there are a myriad of useful tips and tricks from seasoned WordPress experts – many of those you will find on this site!

Master the Art of Blogging!

Blogging can be hard work , taking lots of time to do it well.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could streamline your blogging activities?  At HogesWeb, you’ll find lots of tools, tips and advice you can use to find your groove and make your blogging virtually painless!

Mindset and Motivation

Mindset is incredibly powerful in all areas of our lives.  Starting out the day with a positive mindset can  have a huge influence on your thoughts, feelings and outcomes.  Read some of our powerful articles on mindset and personal growth to get you started!


Why WordPress?


Perfect for any business owner!

Although WordPress was designed as a platform for blogging, you don’t have to use it for blogging. There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is the perfect choice for any business owner…..

With a few tweaks it can be used to run your website, allowing you complete control to easily publish and change content. 

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Blogging Really Works!

How to Get High Quality Backlinks From Google

For a multitude of reasons!

Blogging is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you publish a blog post, it’s out there on the internet working to bring in new traffic and leads forever.  

For example if you published a post several years ago about a particular topic, people can still find that post in search engines like Google, or on social media.  

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Mindset Makes a Difference

The Power of Positive Thinking

 It’s fun to do the impossible!

Sometimes life steps in and you simply must deal with it. How you see your life and your situation is determined by your point of view.

Choose to act, instead of reacting, when surrounded by drama, chaos and stress. You are stronger and more courageous than you may feel at times.  Take the high road and deal with it.   

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Even though I’ve been using WordPress for a long time, I can still discover useful tips and tricks from seasoned WordPress experts – the potential is endless with this platform, it can be tailored for any purpose. (I simply love WordPress! Did you guess?)

How To Write Blog Content That Markets Itself

Having said that, I thought some tips for WordPress beginners might be useful and save new bloggers some valuable time.  read more…

Daily Action Checklist for Blogging

Are you in the habit of setting a daily action plan? Does weekly goal setting  sound a bit daunting? Chances are you are already doing this and you don’t realise  it!
Daily Action Plan

When I first began blogging some years ago, I was busy holding down a full time job. Blogging was always done after hours, and I often found myself getting sidetracked and muddled about what I’d already done and what was left on the list.

As an accountant and systems specialist, I was continually creating forms, systems and checklists for clients, so it seemed a natural progression to create a checklist for my blogging activities. Since then my beloved Blogging Checklist has become an indispensable part of my daily activities. There are now several different versions, depending on the project or blogging system currently in progress.

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Staying Motivated

The principal of the power of positive thinking has been around for many years.  In fact one timeless classic – As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen, was written 107 years ago and delivers a message that is still relevant today.
Staying MotivatedWhether you are seeking success in business or life in general, harnessing your thoughts and keeping them “positive” will bring you inner peace, improved relationships, better health, happiness and success. In fact, the benefits of making this mind-set switch can be found in all facets of life!Positive thinking is also highly contagious.  People around you can sense your mental mood and are affected positively. By always thinking optimistically about happiness, good health and success, the positive vibrations emitted by you will cause people to be attracted to you and want to in your space.
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WordPress & Websites


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